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Community Acupuncture: What to Expect

Your first visit intake will be in a private room where we will review your condition and paperwork. Then, your acupuncture treatment will be given in our peaceful community healing room. We take care to make our space tranquil and soothing and have blankets and play soft music, most people relax deeply and fall asleep.

  • You can bring your music with ear buds.
  • Please turn off or silent your devices.
  • Be completely scent-free, we treat people with severe allergies, immune issues and asthma.
  • Your appointment will be about 1 hour with a few extra minutes on the first visit
  • Making appointments in advance ensures the times you want.
  • We generally recommend 2 acupuncture treatments per week for the first 2 weeks for most conditions, reassessing frequency and progress on the fourth visit.
  • We use one-time use, sterile, disposable needles, and they are TINY!

You can participate in keeping this clinic affordable and a cooperative resource:

  • Use our online scheduling system to make, reschedule, or cancel appointments from your own laptop, mobile device super easy!
  • Be SCENT-FREE. We treat severely allergic and sensitive people. You will be asked to reschedule at your own cost if you come with perfumes, scented personal care products, after shave, fresh smoke, incense, or wet nail polish.
  • Be mindful to keep noise to a minimum and to use a soft voice, people are napping! (keys, coins, jingling, phones…).
  • Look at our map / directions before your first visit.
  • We recommend you eat before coming (we do have organic and gluten free snack bars for $2.00 each).
  • We would like for you to stay and enjoy some Free Hot Herbal Tea after in our “Relaxing Room”.
  • A video is coming soon to show you the process!
(407) 792-5660 Directions